Yuhuan Wu Gong Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is born in a extremely well-developed industrial auto parts city of China –Yuhuan. We Specialize in the production of automotive engine hydraulic lifters and belt tensioner device.  We have rich experience in manufacturing tappet and tensioner device, a strong development capability, first-class manufacturing technology, superb craftsmanship, exquisite detecting methods and reliable quality assurance system.

We adopt the automatically inner outer circle precision cylindrical grinding system, fully automatic surface super-finishing center, laser welding and other advanced mechanical processing equipment to control the pre-processing of the product. We adopt automatic computer sorting, high-precision pressure test instrument and the computer testing plane detection system and other advanced products to control the assembly and finished product testing of every aspect. We also adopt the roundness instrument, inductance micrometer precision equipment and other auxiliary equipment to control the operating accuracy. So that all the technical indicators of our products can reach the design requirements from Parts Production to finished products.

The products we developed are suitable for FAW-Volkswagen, Shanghai Volkswagen, Toyota, General Motors, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Daewoo, Honda, Mitsubishi, Jeep Cherokee, Chery, Isuzu series and so on. Our products have been long-term supplied in the domestic auto parts markets and exported to foreign trade markets ,such as the U.S., South Africa, the Middle East, and South Korea.

Since its inception,our company has been adopted "quality first, customers first, reputation first, technology-oriented" as our business strategy. We can customize the production of special vehicles, special types of products in accordance with the requirements of our customers. With excellent quality, reasonable prices and sincere credit, perfect after-sale tracking system, we can provide the most satisfactory service to every customer.

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  • Valve Tappet:993.105.141.03


  • Valve Tappet:6 431 447

    6 431 447

  • Valve Tappet:116 050 01 80

    116 050 01 80

  • Valve Tappet:3 337 993

    3 337 993

  • Valve Tappet:13231-V5005


  • Valve Tappet:XS6E 6C501 AC

    XS6E 6C501 AC

  • Valve Tappet:JFY1-12-100


  • Valve Tappet:2112-1007300


  • Valve Tappet:6 754 268

    6 754 268

  • Valve Tappet:06 40 051

    06 40 051

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